Voodoo Swamp

3-8 Players (10 Years +) *one Participating Adult For Every Four Minors*

Exciting, creepy, and full of action, this experience is among one of our most popular games! Set in an extremely, detailed atmosphere with one of a kind puzzles, this adventure will challenge players in every possible capacity. Surprises, and special theatrical effects create a heart pounding, suspenseful adventure for all players! A true test of bravery, teamwork, and observation.

Game Theme: Environmental, Mystery Adventure- Swamp Cabin
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 3-8 players
Age Restriction: age 10+

Requirements/Restrictions: At least 1 participating adult (age 18+) required in each game room. For teams where the majority of players are under 12, a second participating adult is recommended.

Special Effects Warning (Flashing Lights, Loud Sounds, Fog Machines, Small Spaces, Moving Objects).

Local residents have been mysteriously disappearing in the dark swamps of Louisiana. Everyone knows the true reason behind these happenings, but none have had the courage to confront the vial voodoo swamp witch, Blackwater Hattie. Now four of your friends went to explore her soul forsaken shack, and never returned!

It's up to your team to go save your friends and stop this evil forever. But beware of Hattie's enslaved swamp walkers who wish to stop you. You must explore hidden chambers, and conquer a series of ritual puzzles and clues within her soul forsaken shack before she returns. For if you fail, you will become enslaved as well, and forever roam the Blackwater swamps.