*One Participating Adult For Every Four Minors*

Earn The Gods Trust And Save The World...or... Steal Priceless Artifacts & Have Wealth, Power And Control Of The World Forever!

A One-of-a-kind Experience For All, Our Lost Tomb Adventure Offers 2 Different Game Options! You Choose If You Wish To Be The Hero, Or The Villain.

Game Theme: Action, High-Stake Adventure- Ancient Mayan Tomb
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 3-8 players
Age Restriction: ages 10+

Requirements/Restrictions: At least 1 participating adult (age 18+) required in each game room. For teams where the majority of players are under 12, a second participating adult is recommended.

Special Effects Warning (Flashing Lights, Loud Sounds, Fog Machines, Small Spaces, Moving Objects).

Lost Tomb- Hero:

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

An Ancient Mayan tomb was recently unearthed. Now, the gods have been disturbed and the devastation has begun. Your team of archeologists must carefully navigate through the tomb, to face the gods themselves and return the stolen artifacts! Beware, as this sacred ground contains hidden caves, a variety of challenges, and unique surprises that must be overcome to restore the gods' trust in humanity and save the world.

You only have one hour until the eclipse commences to satisfy the gods demands and restore unity among the Earth, or you too will be sealed within... The Lost Tomb.

Lost Tomb- Villain:

Level: Advanced

You've received word from your employer, Dr. Ringwood, of an ancient tomb untouched for over 1,000 years. Your team of archeologists has been tasked with infiltrating the tomb to uncover its precious artifacts. However, there's more than ruin and rubble getting in your way. You must overcome the tomb's traps, trials, and tribulations to free its sacred treasures and earn your place in history as legendary adventurers.

The tomb is unstable. You have only one hour to break in and collect the artifacts, lest you too be sealed within...The Lost Tomb.