Our largest and most challenging game yet! It's the golden age of Hollywood and the "Magic Mansion" is the place to be... but a terrible tragedy has recently occurred. Your team of expert detectives have been sent by "The Professor" to investigate every corner of the Mansion. You must think outside the box to find key pieces of evidence and confront your suspect before they escape!

Game Theme: 1940s Murder Mystery- Magic Mansion
Level: Advanced - Expert
Duration: 90 minutes

Number of Players: 4-8 players
Age Restriction: ages 10+ (ages 12+ strongly encouraged)

Requirements/Restrictions: At least 1 participating adult (age 18+) required in each game room.

Special Effects Warning (Flashing Lights, Loud Sounds, Fog Machines, Moving Objects, Blackouts, Mature Theme).

A famous magician, "The Great Nivek" was recently performing on stage doing his famous Buzz-Saw Illusion, when tragedy struck. The main suspect, and owner of the "Magic Mansion", Peter Zabar, has claimed to be innocent, but he is a Master of Illusion. You must be clever enough to decipher illusion from reality, and discover the truth before this maniac magician makes you too... disappear!