We are proud and honored to be the recipients of TWO prestigious 2023 Bulls Eye Awards.

Best Fantasy Escape Room - Dragon's Curse

Best Set Design Escape Room - The Lost Tomb

Do You Have What It Takes to Escape?

Take on one of our escape rooms

Escape rooms offer an opportunity for you and a group of friends or coworkers to enjoy a day of solving mysteries and working as a team. If you're looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, try an escape room team-building adventure. Escape Time has five uniquely themed rooms for you to solve in Wappingers Falls, NY.

All of our rooms are high-quality. We know how to make games fun! We've been in the industry for over 40 years creating interactive family entertainment around the country. It's our passion to design and deliver the ultimate escape room experience. We are confident you won't be disappointed.

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What makes our adventures so much fun?

Whether you're an escape room veteran or you're totally new to the concept, you'll enjoy our creative experiences. People love escape rooms because:

  • They provide you with a fun mental challenge that everyone can enjoy
  • You get to immerse yourself in a fantasy world
  • They involve teaming up with your friends or family

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The quality and craftsmanship of the rooms absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! The challenges and puzzles were super engaging and so much fun. The amount of detail and thought that went into every aspect of the adventure made it unpredictable and immersive. The Game Masters made the experience even more special. We can't wait to come back!

I just finished playing Dragon's Curse and it was amazing! The puzzles were complex and amazingly made. It's so nice to have such a in depth and immersive experience right here in Hopewell. Well worth the price and I will be coming back with more friends!

The hubby and I came during date night, and we had a blast! It's fun to work together on a thought-provoking game and not just in typical life haha. We loved that you had to think and bounce ideas off of each other.
This was my second time here and his first. He has even agreed to come back!!