Minimum 10 years of age to play.

A one of a kind experience, compiled of all new, unique puzzles, actions, and tasks! Players explore the original Vampire Hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing's, dwelling to uncover secrets, clues and items needed to ultimately destroy the infamous vampire- Dracula!

Game Theme: Gothic, Slayer Adventure- Haunted Crypt
Level: Advanced
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 3-6 players
Age Restriction: ages 10+ (ages 12+ strongly encouraged)

Requirements/Restrictions: At least 1 participating adult (age 18+) required in each game room. Special Effects Warning (Flashing Lights, Loud Sounds, Dark Spaces).

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing spent his life hunting the vampire known as Vlad.

Years after Van Helsing's death, we find ourselves continuing the hunt for this supernatural creature of darkness now known as Dracula.

Soon the sun will set, and Dracula will awaken from his casket to drain the blood of life from innocent people once again.

The spirit of Van Helsing shall be with you. You must use the doctor's lifetime of knowledge, secrets, puzzles and tools to defeat him.

You have 60 minutes. Be prepared, for Dracula is not easy to destroy.

Due to the content and necessary actions needed to win this game, it is not recommended, and may not be appropriate, for younger audiences under age 12yrs. Parental/guardian discretion is highly advised.