Very well designed. Love the different rooms associated with the game/puzzle. Very interactive.

Tanya C

This was our first escape room so of course we chose the most difficult one! It was challenging but we had the best time and the staff (Sean) was great! The rooms were so detailed and decorated. We loved it and can't wait to go back!

Deborah s

Had a great time. It was a challenging, unique and fun experience. First time going, went with my parents, I highly recommend it. Really friendly staff as well who helped us feel comfortable with the game and explained everything clearly.

Tom F

We did the magician room, it was fantastic- very involved, difficult, such cool puzzles and tricks. Will definitely be going back again!

Brian C

Did the Dracula puzzle with my husband tonight and what a fun experience! The rooms are decked out floor to ceiling with themed decor, the puzzles are engaging, the sets are designed beautifully, and our Game Master, Olivia, was perfectly timed with her hints. I wish it went higher than five stars because this was truly a unique and exciting experience, 10/10 recommend!

Danny D

The staffs are very nice. Booked 2 rooms for 14 teens along with 2 adults. The all managed to come out within an hour.

Da A

5 stars!

Frances A

Perfect for 12 year old birthday party. We did the Voodoo Swamp and had a blast. It was hard, but doable for the kids - very little help from the Mom. Kids talked about doing another one right after!

Staff was amazing. Very friendly and fun. Planning next room soon!

Francine L

Update: Did a second room here, the magic themed one, and had an absolute blast. We will be returning!

Great escape rooms with entertaining puzzles and high production value. We did the dragon themed room and had a great time. Staff is enthusiastic and attentive. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to do something fun on a rainy day. We're looking forward to going back soon!

Ryan G

Always such a fun time! We go with our two friends and are always so surprised by how intricate it is!! Great time!

Teresa S

Came here again and did the advanced 90 room and it was so well done. The effects were awesome, the puzzles were fun, and tricky to the point where right when we wanted to give up, we figured it out.
We had a group of 6 which really felt like the perfect number and finished with 15 seconds left.
Any staff intervention was exactly the right amount and never felt like they gave us any answers, just pointed us back to the last clue we had and overlooked.

Previous review below:
This was my first time doing an escape room. It was a lot of fun. We had a group of 7 and finished with 22 minutes remaining. Next time I think I would do it with a max of 6. At least for our group of all adults

Rich L

Awesome time and another record broken!

Adam I

5 Stars!

Liela C

We had so much fun exploring and solving the puzzles. A great family activity!

Catherine K

Best escape room experience! The games are well thought out, the decorations and props are amazing. Definitely recommend

Marissa S

Highly recommended

Sundance D

I had never done an escape room before, and honestly had no interest to the point where I was passionately against it when they became popular several years ago. I truly love me some puzzles, but you want my people-hating, claustrophobic self to PAY to get locked in a room with people??? No, thanks.

Then a couple of months ago, my coworkers bullied me (lol) into going to an escape room with them. I honestly didn't know what to expect, and was dreading the entire thing for days leading up to the appointment.

Escape Time doesn't look like much from the outside - I was extremely unimpressed. But as soon as you step inside, you realize the true meaning of, "it's bigger on the inside" (iykyk). The front desk area is pretty spacious and had some interesting and fun decorations. I appreciate the little best times/high score board. I think if I did more rooms, I'd love to get my name one a high score board somewhere.

The staff was very friendly, and we met our game master (it's been a while :( I forgot her name ). She was honestly kind of amazing. She gave a thorough introduction, and she was great at reading our group throughout our game. She kept hints to a minimum as she could tell that we wanted to figure things out for ourselves.

I have to say, I was extremely surprised by how much fun I had. The puzzles were nothing at all like I expected, and there were a lot of nifty surprise elements. I really appreciated how they paid attention to small details and crafted those details into the story/puzzle.

I ended up having such a fantastic time, I went back a second time last weekend. We had a different game master this time (Liam), but he was also just as great as the previous one. I don't know how Escape Time finds these employees, but they made both experiences incredibly pleasant and smooth.

For my second visit, I walked away feeling the same sense of appreciation for all the fine details. I'm obviously being vague, but that's to save from ruining any of the fun surprises in store for you at Escape Time!

Honestly, if you never thought you'd do an escape room, I'd check this place out. I think a lot of it has to do with who you go with too. Pick a couple of people you don't hate collaborating with, and give the place a chance - I was personally very pleasantly surprised, and excited to come back to try all of the other games here.

Gloria H

Absolutely amazing experience! the attention to detail in the rooms is incredible. great place to work with a team and make fun memories!

Olivia S

Great time with family.
We've been several times and will be going again.

I wish they had a monthly or year pass.

Trebor A

I went here for my birthday with my friends, fiancé, dad and stepmother. I expected this to to be a bit higher quality but tempered my expectations. When I tell you that before we even got into the room, I was blown away. Escape Adventures really takes the time to make each room feel like it is a whole story that is told right in front of you. From the incredibly designed before you puzzle room where the exposition is given, to the audio/visual elements implemented into the game as it goes on, this game is worth the price we paid to get in. The puzzles, while they were labeled easy, still presented a fun challenge that didn't just feel like a walk in the park, but still solvable. I plan to go back VERY soon. I can't not express in words how incredible this is. 11/10 business with excellent things all around.

Pete A

The quality and craftsmanship of the rooms absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! The challenges and puzzles were super engaging and so much fun. The amount of detail and thought that went into every aspect of the adventure made it unpredictable and immersive. The Game Masters made the experience even more special. We can't wait to come back!

I just finished playing Dragon's Curse and it was amazing! The puzzles were complex and amazingly made. It's so nice to have such a in depth and immersive experience right here in Hopewell. Well worth the price and I will be coming back with more friends!

Lots of fun. The entire set up is high quality. The staff was friendly. An excellent way to escape reality if only for a little while. Highly recommend.

Safe and Fun for the Family, enjoyed the voodoo swamp game !!

We did the voodoo swamp with our kids 13 and 15. We had a great time! I look forward to returning and trying the other rooms! I would definitely recommend coming for a great time with friends or family!

We had an awesome time with our community group outing tonight! We played The Lost Tomb. It was a blast.

Group Fun!
The experience caused me to become befuddled. The reason for my lost for words because we had such a great time and overall experience was great!

So much Fun!
Tyra was really helpful and nice. The experience was so cool. Me and my friends had fun working together. Joy was also really helpful with giving clues

The hubby and I came during date night, and we had a blast! It's fun to work together on a thought-provoking game and not just in typical life haha. We loved that you had to think and bounce ideas off of each other.
This was my second time here and his first. He has even agreed to come back!!

Awesome Time
I went with a few of my friends from college and from the beginning it was a welcoming atmosphere thanks to Joy, China, Crystal, and Caitlan at the front desk. There was a quick waiver, then it was off to our room. It was awesome figuring out the room and when we stumbled we were able to get a clue to help us along. Once we finished, I felt invigorated and I can't wait to try another room soon. Thank you Escape Room and employees!

Entertainment for the entire family
This a wonderful experience for family bonding. Our family ranges from 10 to 44 and everyone enjoyed the mystery. We did not escape, but had a lot of fun trying.

Fantastic experience!
The escape room itself was superbly executed, with a great theme, satisfying puzzles, and plenty of hidden items to make your whole group feel excited to find their own clue.

It was a great time for all!!
Such a great activity for the whole family!! Great team building for younger members!!! The age of our group was really varied!! We had a 73 year old, 69, 33, 32, 28, 29 and 10 year old!! We all had a blast!!!

Awesome! Colonade
Cursed was amazing. The game play was phenomenal! Thank you to Kendall for recommending the room

Not only were we working together to actually get out of the room, but we were also laughing. It was such a great time, and the staff;Issac, Cj, Jesse, and Becca; was so helpful and accommodating. It's great for families and friends. It's a wonderful place and it's so much fun.

My time at Extreme Escape will definitely not be quickly forgotten. Thanks to the friendly staff and immersive room, we all had a lot of fun. It's a great time!

Very interactive and immersive room.

This is a great escape room! The best one I have ever been too and I have been to a few in San Antonio. We all had a great time! We will go back again.

The Extreme Escape Tomb was so much fun, it had so much to do and was an amazing experience with my friends. A gigantic thank you to Caitlyn, Jesse, Liz, Courtney.

It was extremely fun to play. We had to get help on a few of the challenges but it was totally worth it.

This is the first Escape Room I've ever done, and I already want to go back! The puzzles were not too hard, but not too easy as well, giving a good challenge and a super fun time!

So much fun!
The room is very well designed and it flowed very well!

literally had so much fun!!!!!!!!! was freaking amazing!!!! the room was fun and so creative! cant wait to come back again!!

Room was well done and fun to complete. Will definitely go back again!

This is not your typical escape room with quirky puzzles and rooms. This is a full fledge entertainment experience you embark with your fellow teammates. Jose 150782 - Mexico

One of the best rooms we've played
We're fairly experienced players and this was one of the best rooms we've had the privilege of being trapped in. We played "Undead." We were all impressed by how engaging the tasks were and especially how well they immersed us in the story of the game. ... clues that involved the atmosphere of the environment in ways none of us had seen before. Given that our adventure was confined to a single space the value of the game's design was especially notable;

Fun on a cold and rainy night
we enjoyed the escape from the real world.

The rooms are very detailed and so much fun. We did 3 of the 4 rooms at this location and I'm planning on going back to do them all (including their other location). Thanks for helping make our event a success!

We escaped!
I have been to other escape rooms and I must say, Extreme Escape has the best atmosphere out of them all. The props all worked and were clever. We did the undead room. From the moment you walk in you feel like you are on the set of a movie.

Great team building experience. Todd was very professional and gave a great introduction. Crystal and Luis helped our check in process be a breeze. During the escape the staff gave us good clues to help us advance. I can't say enough great things about Extreme Escape!

Corporate Event - Wonderful time!
I organized a corporate team event for 30 people. We each did 2 rooms back to back. Mike was awesome to work with coordinating the event and they opened early to accommodate our group. Todd was awesome to work with the day of the event explaining what to do and working to get everyone coordinated. I would definitely recommend this for corporate team building. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again!